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Sprint Series 2019

Posted on June 16th, 2019 by Andrew

Sprint orienteering is about thinking and racing hard simultaneously, focusing on quick decision making. These events mainly take place in urban areas such as campuses and parks. They are fairly simple to navigate at a walk or a slow jog, but the task is more demanding at high speed, especially when faced with constant changes of direction and route choice. If you run fast then make sure it’s in the right direction!

It will generally take 15-30 minutes to complete a course.   Courses are line format, where you must find all the controls in a set order, in the fastest possible time.  Course lengths vary from 2 km to 3.0 km, if you choose the best route! These events use the Sportident electronic timing system which enables you to compare the time it took to get to each control with others on your course.



Sprint Event No. 1:  July 13 2019 - Colonel Samual Smith Park - beside Humber College Lakeshore Campus.

Sprint Event No. 2:  August 10 2019 - Toronto Islands



There will be 2 traditional point to point orienteering courses aproximatly 2-2.5km in length each.  There will be staggered starting to space out participants.  Each person will use an 'SI-Card' to record their race.  Prizes will be awarded based on the best COMBINED time of both races.


M&F: Juniors: 17 & youger, Standard: 18-39, Masters 40 or older.

Age Class is determined by the participant's age as of Dec 31 2019.