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Youth Program

We are pleased to announce our new youth orienteering program for girls and boys  10 to 14 years old. Over the course of 8 weeks participants will enjoy the outdoor adventures of exploring trails, finding objects, and cross country running while learning some map reading and navigation skills.

Think of it as Geocaching to a whole new level of skill and fitness. We have designed the program with the following broad goals for participants, all taught through a variety of activities and exercises designed to keep kids moving and engaged:

  • To make friends.
  • To enjoy being outdoors and in the woods and exploring, playing, and running in the woods and other ‘wild’ environments both on and off trail.
  • After one or two seasons, they should be able to confidently navigate around novice level orienteering courses and more challenging park courses.
  • To improve their physical fitness, running, and agility.

You can download our flyer here.

Age group: 10 - 14 years 

Date: Every Wednesday at 6:00PM starting March 27th for 8 weeks. The program will end on May 15th with our School Race.

Cost: $140/participant - the cost includes a one year Toronto Orienteering Club membership and the entry fee for our School Meet on May 15th.

Registration: Online Registration

Location: Earl Bales Park

Contact: Please send us an email if you have questions regarding the program.

Beginners Clinic

Interested in orienteering but don’t know where, or how, to start? Come on out to our next Beginner Clinic.  We’ll show you how to use a compass, how to read an orienteering map, and walk with you through an orienteering course.



$30.00 person (includes map, instructions) Discount of $10 for TOC Members.


Evening clinics run from 6:00 p.m. until dark.  The date will be posted or coordinated with the clinic instructor. We offer clinics at most of our events as well. 


Note that there are limited spots per session. Pre-registration is required, the day before the intended clinic, to guarantee your spot. Drop-in registration will be accepted if there are spots available, but there is no guarantee.


Clinics are generally held in conjunction with the Weekly Park Series. The Park Series is held a different GTA park every week. 

What to wear:

Regular running or comfortable walking shoes. Long pants are recommended.


Bring your own compass, if you have one, or we’ll loan you one for the session. 

Intermediate Clinic 

Interested in developing your orienteering skills further? Come join us for a 1-day instructor-led course to sharpen your navigation skills for your next orienteering meet or adventure race!
Cost: $60.00 person (includes map and instructions). Discount of $20 for TOC Members.
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (approximately)
Prerequisite: Beginner’s Clinic or instructor’s approval.
Covered Material:
  • Review of Map-Reading/Compass Use
  • Distance Judgment/Pace Counting
  • Line-Orienteering
  • Contour-only Orienteering
  • Route planning/Strategy

If you’re not quite ready for an advanced clinic, try one of our Beginner’s Clinics to build your basic orienteering skills.

Orienteering for Teachers

Do you yearn to share the outdoors with your students, but feel limited by the space in yourlocal community? Orienteering is the perfect way to introduce environmental literacy to your students, while developing spatial awareness and mathematical skills required for mapping. Align the outdoors and physical activity with your social studies program in order to develop confident, self-assured students. Great at the junior level, all the way up to secondary students, show our youth the value of the outdoors in any space, especially their own backyards!

Format: 1 day workshop

Target: Teachers and Educators interested in starting an orienteering program at their school

Location: Indoor and Outdoor - with map. As a bonus, for a limited time, we will build an orienteering map of your schoolyard!

Please contact us for locations and dates.


Specialist High Skills Major Program (SHSM)


The SHSM is a specialized, ministry-approved program that allows students to focus their learning on a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). SHSMs assist students in their transition from secondary school to apprenticeship training, college, university, or the workplace.

One of the courses in this program is related to Compass/Map/GPS navigation.

This course is compulsory for Environment, Forestry specializations and elective for Agriculture, Aviation, Energy, Hospitality, Justice/Community Safety/Emergency Services, Mining, Non-Profit, Sports.

Format: 1 day workshop

Target: High School Students enrolled in the SHSM program

Location: Indoor and Outdoor - with map

Please contact us for locations and dates.



1 to 3 session program meant to introduce orienteering concepts through games and fun activities. The goal is to provide participants a high level understanding about map reading and compass use.

Format: 1-2 hour sessions

Target: organized groups of youth (school, scouts, cadets) between 9 and 16 years old

Location: nearby park, schoolyard

Price: from 5$/student with a minimum fee of 150$ per session

Combine theoretical concepts with fun activities in a 3-4 session program in the classroom and schoolyard. We can provide an Orienteering map for the schoolyard and surroundings.

When: During physical education hours or as extra-curricular activity

Where: Schoolyard

Duration: 60 minutes sessions


School Events

Once the students are familiar with the orienteering basics, they should be ready to apply their knowledge in a real orienteering race! We will setup a course in a nearby park. This is a great opportunity for a fun field trip for 2-4 classes.

When: Field trip

Where: Nearby park

Duration: 3-4 hours

Price: from 5$/student with a minimum fee of 250$ per event


Inter School Events

For the past 37 years the Toronto Orienteering Club has been organizing an Orienteering Schools Meet. This Score-O event is usualy held in April or May and will gather around 500 participants from various schools from all GTA.

When: Once a year, April or May

Where: Designated venue with high quality orienteering map

Duration: Full day

Price: from 7$/student


Orienteering Official Certification Workshops

The Orienteering Canada Officials’ Program provides standardized training for Orienteering Canada event officials so they may conduct technically sound, fair, and safe events. It educates participants about the principles and practices of planning, organizing, and conducting events according to the Orienteering Canada standards that have been established for Canada Cup, B, and C events.

Following the Orienteering Official Certification guidelines outlined here, these workshops focus on certain areas of event organization: course setting, SI programing, registration, map drawing.


O-100 Orienteering Official Certification

Being an O-100 Official will allow you to organize C events (the least formal orienteering events - for example Weekly Park Series). You will learn how to safely organize an event, course setup best practices, register participants, use the applications required for an event (Purple-Pen).

O-200 Orienteering Official Certification

At this level you will learn how to organize and set courses for a B event (for example: OCup, Turkey Trot). This course goes in detail about how to manage larger events, advanced course planning concepts, timing system management.

Please let us know if you are interested in participating.


Orienteering Community Coaching Workshops

We are pleased to offer Orienteering Canada's community sport coach workshops.

Community Sport Coaches are parents, teachers, group leaders, and O-club members. They are not necessarily experienced orienteers but they have a desire to contribute towards the development of new athletes (of all ages) in our sport. 

Please find more details about the workshop here and let us know if you are interested in participating.



Team Building

If you are planning a company outing this summer, consider orienteering for a unique and exciting alternative to typical corporate excursions. Not enough time to get outdoors? We can bring orienteering into your office as well.

Our offering:

Poker Orienteering

Poker Orienteering

A fun team building event that combines strategy, navigation skills and … a bit of luck.
Control points are placed in the park and marked on the orienteering map. Each control point has a score based on its difficulty: 10, 20, 30 or 40 points. Teams of 2-3 people have to navigate to the control points and collect the maximum number of points.

The Poker twist is that each team will receive 2 cards and each control point will have a bag of 2-3 poker cards. At each control point a team can pick or swap one card.

There are 2 winner teams: one that collects the most points in the shortest time and the one that has the best poker hand.

Location: Sunnybrook Park
Duration: 4-5 hours
Price: starting at 40CAD/person, minimum 10 people
Fitness level: All levels

What is included:

  • Brief introduction to Orienteering
  • Navigation 101
    • How to use a compass
    • How to read a map
  • Guided walk on a short orienteering course
  • Team Challenge - Poker Orienteering race


Office Orienteering

Office Orienteering

This is a perfect event for Office Happy Hour.
We will design a mini orienteering race where a simplified map of the office will be used.
Control points will be placed in the office and will be marked on the map.
The winner is the person or the team that can find all the control points in the shortest time.

A real orienteering race setup will be used with electronic punching cards and timing software.

Location: In the office
Duration: 1-2 hours
Price: starting at 15CAD/person, minimum 20 people
Fitness level: All levels

What is included:

  • Brief introduction to Orienteering
  • Navigation 101
    • How to use a compass
    • How to read a map
  • Office Orienteering


Scavenger Hunt

Control points are placed at different parts of the island. Teams of 2-3 people will have to solve the puzzles at each control point and find the next control based on the clues.

Location: Toronto Island
Duration: 4-5 hours
Price: starting at 40CAD/person, minimum 10 people
Fitness level: All levels

What is included:

  • Brief introduction to Orienteering
  • Navigation 101
    • How to use a compass
    • How to read a map
  • Scavenger Hunt on Toronto Island


Custom event

Do you have other ideas for your team building event? Contact us and we will help to take your co-workers outdoors in one of the beautiful parks in Toronto.

Location: Park in Toronto
Duration: 4-5 hours
Price: starting at 40CAD/person, minimum 10 people
Fitness level: All levels

What is included:

  • Brief introduction to Orienteering
  • Navigation 101
    • How to use a compass
    • How to read a map
  • Custom event

For more information, please inquire by email at [email protected].