Event Schedule

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    2020 Schools Orienteering CANCELLED

    May 13th

    Unfortunatelly, given the current circumstances, we had to cancel this year's School Meet.

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    2020 UKR O-Cup

    Feb 16th

    Let’s celebrate a great past year for Toronto teams, with a return to “We the North!” at the York Regional Forest’s North Tract, located near the hamlet of Vivian in Whitchurch-Stouffville. Easily accessible from the 404, this spectacular winter venue is located on Hwy 48 just south of Davis Drive, not far from Newmarket, Ontario. 

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    2020 TOC O-Cup

    Jan 26th

    Join us for a fun winter day of Orienteering on January 26th 2020. We will provide a beginner clinic and an easy course for newcomers to the sport. Early bird prices are available until January 1st 2020.

    Beginner's results have been corrected with 2 hour time limit

In order to adapt to the new reality we are changing the format of our Park Series. Every week, we will be setting a virtual course that TOC members can run at any time. The courses will be set up by our volunteering officials and we will provide proper orienteering maps for each course. There will be no flags or ribbons on the course and you will need a smartphone or GPS watch if you want to record your results.

The format of the courses is a bit different than in the past: we will use a Score-O format where each control has certain points assigned (2,3,4,5 or 6) and there is a time limit for the course. If you exceed the time limit, there is a 2 point penalty for each minute. Controls can be collected in any order, so make sure that you plan ahead for the optimal course!

While running the courses please make sure that you are following the recommendations of the City of Toronto regarding the use of parks and social distancing.

Please note that due to requirements from our insurer this program is open only for our club members (please sign up if you have not done so yet)  and you will have to sign a waiver.

Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up as a club member
  2. Send a signed waiver to [email protected]
  3. Once we receive your signed waiver, you will be able to download the map in PDF format from here. To complete the course, this map is not required (the map on your phone is a less accurate Open-Street Map) but it will help with your navigation.
  4. Download the MapRunF application (Android or iOS)
  5. You should be able to find the courses by selecting “Events Near Me”
  6. Go to the park and when you are near the start location click on “Go to Start”. 

The app will ‘punch’ the start automatically and the timer will begin.

You will hear a beep at each control as you go through the course.  Continue to the finish and you will be able to see how you did by clicking “Show Results”


Park Series Schedule

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    Earl Bales North - Bathurst Park

    Jul 8th - 14th

    Our first NON-VIRTUAL Wed night orienteering. There will be ribbons marking the control points. Hosted by the UKR Orienteering Club. Meeting place is outside the Earl Bales Community Centre, but we will be using a map of nearby Bathurst Park. The control points will be marked by ribbons for 1 week.

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    Taylor Creek Park

    Jul 15th - 21st

    A long park with lots of difficult, technical ravines. But you can also stay on/close to the paths if you're less experienced. The control points will be marked by ribbons for 1 week.

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    Glendon College

    Jul 22nd - 28th

    Glendon College connects to the Sunnybrook Park system, making for GREAT orienteering. You can try our BEGINNER, MEDIUM or LONG courses. The control points will be marked by ribbons for 1 week. If you park in the parking lot, make sure you pay otherwise you will almost certainly get a TICKET!

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    Edwards Gardens

    Jul 29th - Aug 4th

    Take some time to smell the FLOWERS. Or get some wedding photos done. The control points will be marked by ribbons for 1 week.

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    Earl Bales Park

    Aug 19th - 25th

    You can 'reflect' at the HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL, or take in some entertainment at the BARRY ZUKERMAN amphitheatre. OR participate in the great sport of ORIENTEERING - we'll have BEGINNERS, MEDIUM and LONG courses for you to try. The control points will be marked by ribbons for 1 week.

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    High Park

    Sep 2nd - 8th

    High Park is an intricate park with lots of interesting features. Great for both advanced and beginner orienteers. And it's IMPOSSIBLE to get LOST! The control points will be marked by ribbons for 1 week. Please join us for our LAST Wed night event of 2020.

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    Ramsden Park GPS Course

    Jul 2nd - 8th

    Back to a more urban setting - this can be a fast paced sprint in a very accessible park (Rosdale Subway station). The time limit is 30 minutes but of course you can walk and discover the neibourhood.

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    Claireville Conservation Area

    Jun 23rd - 29th

    A bit of change change of pace for this week: from a fast Sprint at Monarch Park to a more forested experience at Claireville Conservation Area. Make sure you bring bug repellent - there are spots with ferocious mosquitos. We made the time limit a bit longer than usual: 75 minutes.

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    Monarch Park

    Jun 13th - 21st

    Our next GPS course is on a new map of a beautiful park in downtown Toronto. Scale is 1:4000, so experts can test their sprint skills, while beginners can learn to orienteer in familiar surroundings. This will be a shorter 30 minutes Sprint Score-O.

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    G Ross Lord Park

    Jun 7th - 14th

    Building on our last week's success, we have a new GPS course for our members, this time at G. Ross Lord Park.

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    Earl Bales North - Bathurst Park

    May 30th - Jun 5th

    We set up our first GPS course in Earl Bales. As of now, the park is open for the public, the start of the course is located at the northern parking lot which can be accessed from Sheppard Avenue.