Come join us for two longtime well-regarded York Region Forests with extensive trail networks, for a return to a two day classic competition. Your hosts promise lots of route choice and updates added to the maps.
A note of precaution: as with most of our southern Ontario forests, poison ivy is present widely. Take action by wearing full leg cover, and remove and wash clothes and legs carefully after the race. You may also refer to the York Region Forest guide, whose link is provided through this registration page.
Come and enjoy, support our event, and add important practice to your fall orienteering season!


  • Saturday Overall
  • Saturday Splits
  • Start time Saturday, September 10th, 10:00 am

    Time: Day of race: 9:00 am - 9:45 am. Register online.

    Register Online


    Meet directors: Oliver Tabay

    Major intersectionHwy 48 South of Davis Dr. and North of Vivian Rd.

    17054 Hwy 48 (Markham Rd) S of Davis Dr and N of Vivian Rd

    Location North Tract

    Scale: 1:10000

    Contour Interval: 5m



    Two days classic meet.


    Adults: $20/day
    Junior(<20)/Senior(>65): $12/day
    TOC&UKR Members Adults/Juniors: $10/$5per day
    pre-register for both days at a discounted price.


    For those interested, we will have a short (30mins) introductory clinic on SAT morning,
    Please arrive by 9am to join the clinic. It is free with your event entry.

    Prizes will be awarded on the basis of two day total time. Additionally, small prizes will also be given out at the end of day one by UKR.