Since Toronto is in a Lock-down we are unable to run our traditional OCup event.  Instead we have set up a Score-O course that participants can run at anytime January 16th to 24th.  This will be similar to how our Wednesday night series were run in the summer of 2020. There will be NO flags or ribbons on the course, and you will need a smartphone or GPS watch if you want to be sure you have found a control.

PDF maps will be available to those who register with us.  You can print them out at home or go to Staples for curbside service.  Detailed course notes will be forwarded along with the maps.

Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up as a club member (if you haven't already)
  2. Send a signed waiver to [email protected]
  3. Once we receive your signed waiver, you will receive the maps in PDF format, the course notes, and the PINs to access the courses
  4. Download the MapRunF application (Android or iOS)
  5. Click “Select Event” and go to folder Canada > Ontario > Toronto > TOC January 2021 Score-O
  6. Choose one of the two courses to run and enter the PIN
  7. Go to the park and when you are near the start location click on “Go to Start”. 

The app will ‘punch’ the start automatically and the timer will begin.

You will hear a beep at each control as you go through the course.  Continue to the finish and you will be able to see how you did by clicking “Show Results”

Start time Saturday, January 16th, 6:00 am

Meet directors: Barbara Goss

Course setters: Barbara Goss

Major intersectionBathurst - Sheppard Ave W

Parking access via Earl Bales park entrance at Bathurst St. and Raoul Wallenberg Rd. Meeting point is just outside the community center.


Location Earl Bales Park

We will use a Score-O format where each control has certain points assigned (20, 40, 60, 80, 100). The courses have a time limit of 60 and 90 minutes, with a 10 point penalty for each minute over time. Controls can be collected in any order, so make sure that you plan ahead for the optimal course! You will get a 10% point bonus if you find a minimum number of controls on each course.


FREE to TOC Members!  What's that? you're not a member? No problem! Sign up HERE and you can run this course and all the Wednesday training Events - all included in your membership.



While running the courses please make sure that you are following the recommendations of the City of Toronto regarding the use of parks and social distancing as well as current Ontario provincial orders. Let's get our exercise and keep everyone safe!