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We set up our first GPS course in Earl Bales. As of now, the park is open for the public, the start of the course is located at the northern parking lot which can be accessed from Sheppard Avenue.

Run it or walk it with your family please make sure that you are following the recommendations of the City of Toronto regarding the use of parks and social distancing.

Please note that due to requirements from our insurer this program is open only for our club members (please sign up if you have not done so yet)  and you will have to sign a waiver.

Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up as a club member
  2. Send a signed waiver to [email protected]
  3. Once we receive your signed waiver, you will be able to download the map in PDF format from here. To complete the course, this map is not required (the map on your phone is a less accurate Open-Street Map) but it will help with your navigation.
  4. Download the MapRunF application (Android or iOS)
  5. You should be able to find the courses by selecting “Events Near Me”
  6. Go to the park and when you are near the start location click on “Go to Start”. 

The app will ‘punch’ the start automatically and the timer will begin.

You will hear a beep at each control as you go through the course.  Continue to the finish and you will be able to see how you did by clicking “Show Results”

Start time Saturday, May 30th, 10:00 am
Major intersectionBathurst and Sheppard

The parking lot is best accessible from Sheppard Avenue West but you can park in any of the parking lots and walk to the start location.

Location Earl Bales NE parking

Scale: 1:7500

Contour Interval: 5m

Revisions: February 2010 - Igor Palagnyuk


The format of the courses is a bit different than in the past: we will use a Score-O format where each control has certain points (2,3,4,5 or 6) assigned and there is a time limit for the course. Controls can be collected in any order, so make sure that you plan ahead for the optimal course! If you exceed the time limit, there is a 2 point penalty for each minute.


Results can be found here.