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  • Start time Sunday, April 17th, 10:00 am

    Time: 9:30 AM

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    Meet directors: Oliver Tabay

    Course setters: Oliver Tabay

    Major intersectionLeslie st - Eglinton Ave E

    Sunnybrook Park, Toronto - enter off Leslie St. Keep right after you enter the park. Follow the main road all the way to the Sunnybrook Stables. The meeting pt is just E of the parking lot opposite the stables.

    Location Sunnybrook Stables

    Score-O with 90 minute time limit.

    Collect as many controls as you can, with more points awarded for controls further away or of greater difficulty.

    Beginners will have the option to do a traditional point-to-point format event mainly on trails instead of the Mob Match. This is also a great option for some of our younger participants. The distance of the course is 2km.


    Adults: $20/person
    Junior(<20)/Senior(>65): $10

    TOC Members Adults/Juniors: $10/$5


    SportIdent electronic timing will be used at this event. Your entry fee includes the use of a SportIdent electronic timing card (SI card). If you have your own SI card, please provide the number when registering. SI cards are also available for purchase from our site.

    Race participants will get the usual post-race snacks.