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Condensed Turkey Soup in a can? No way! The title here refers to one of the longest-running annual orienteering events in Ontario. Started way back around 1982, says Don Ross, long time TOC stalwart member, when a few friends from both the Ukrainian Orienteering Club and the Toronto Orienteering Club (UKR and TOC ... TURK, get it?) joined together to hold a fall event around Thanksgiving. If you connect the dots, you'll understand how the name Turkey Trot came to be.

This year's edition, let's call it the 35th annual Turkey Trot (a great approximation, but the spirit of the fact is correct), will be condensed into a single day, but not lacking at all in terms of content. Many of you asked for a compact version, and we are delivering on that suggestion. The day will feature a longer
Sprint event, most likely in a fully forested location, along with a longer Middle distance event all in the same day.

Your hosts, as usual, are both the Ukrainian and Toronto Orienteering Clubs, with the assistance of the Gators, an affiliate of UKR. Come one, come all, gobble, gobble!

P.S. Did I forget to mention there will be the usual excellent selection of PRIZES for the winners and as draw prizes. Nice!

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  • Start time Sunday, September 24th, 2:00 pm

    Time: 1:00PM

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    Meet directors: Eugene Mlynczyk

    Course setters: Igor Palahnyuk

    Major intersectionTake 401 exit 295 at Hwy 6 North. Make the first left at Wellington County Road 34. Travel approximately 6 km to the Little Tract hiking trail parking lot on your right hand side.

    The little tract parking lot will be on your right hand, north side. Please try very hard to carpool as there is extremely limited parking at this location. Additional parking is along the road, only the north side of the road please. This is a very busy road and you must take great caution to avoid injury.

    Location Little Tract

    Scale: 1:7500

    Contour Interval: 5m

    Revisions: 2017


    Classic Short Distance for Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


    Attention! New start and finish location for the short distance event at little tract. For safety reasons and ease of parking, we have moved the start and finish to the south side of the map.