Recreational Park Series 


We hope you enjoyed the Wed Park Series, if you have any comments - send us an email. It will start again in the Spring of next year.

Please let us know if you would like to help organizing the events. Send us an email with your availability.

Park Series Schedule

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    High Park

    Aug 31st

    High Park is an intricate park with lots of interesting features, but you're surrounded by the city, so it's IMPOSSIBLE to get LOST!

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    Edwards Gardens

    Aug 24th

    We're using EDWARDS GDNS as the gateway into the northern part of the Sunnybrook Park system. Please NO RUNNING while you're in Edwards Gdns proper.

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    Ramsden Park

    Aug 17th

    Map provided by the UKR Orienteering Club. Start: across the street from Rosedale subway. There is a small amount of free* 1 hour parking.

     Please respect Private Property!

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    Etienne Brule Park

    Aug 10th

    By the Humber River. Close to the OLD MILL subway station.

    While you're orienteering, you can re-trace the trade routes of the Anishinaabe peoples along the Humber River and visit their scared burial ground - but be respectful and please don't enter.

    Note only half the parking lot is open, so parking may be difficult, it's close to a subway station - so consider taking the TTC.

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    Humber Bay Park

    Aug 3rd

    A new map at scenic Humber Bay Park. Take in views of the skyline, watch the butterflies and birds and be refreshed by the cool breeze coming off the lake. This park consists of two peninsulas jutting out into Lake Ontario, split by Mimico Creek with plenty of sandy shoreline to explore.
    See if you can find the Air India memorial, commemorating the victims of the largest mass killing in Canadian history.
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    Morningside Park

    Jul 27th

    A very 'rugged' park. Easy to get LOST. A good test of your navigational skills.

    But we will also have a BEGINNER course for the more faint of heart.

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    Jul 20th

    An amazing park with: ravines, wetlands, a large reservoir, a mausoleum, and horse stables. See if you can find the amazing tree consumed with burl deformities right on the main path in the N part of the park

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    Jul 13th

    You can challenge your MIND and visit the Science Centre, then come and challenge BOTH your mind and your body on our Orienteering course.

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    Warden Woods

    Jul 6th

    Follow the directions CAREFULLY to find the start. This is a technically difficult park so beginners should be careful. Also the mosquitoes may be out in force.

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    Earl Bales North - Bathurst Park

    Jun 29th

    This event is hosted by the UKR Orienteering Club. The meeting place is outside the Earl Bales Community Centre. Bathurst Park is next to Earl Bales Park and is a technically difficult park with lots of MTB trails and dense forest. 

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    Taylor Creek Park

    Jun 15th

    The start is at the parking lot off HALDON AVE.

    This is a long park with lots of difficult, technical ravines. But you can also stay on/close to the paths if you're less experienced.

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    Sunnybrook Park

    Jun 8th

    Lots of paths - so great for BEGINNERS, but also many complicated features - so challenging for EXPERIENCED orienteers.

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    Earl Bales

    May 25th

    You can 'reflect' at the HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL, or take in some entertainment at the BARRY ZUKERMAN amphitheatre. OR participate in the great sport of ORIENTEERING.

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    May 18th

    Glendon College connects to the Sunnybrook Park system, making for GREAT orienteering. If you park in the parking lot, make sure you pay otherwise you will almost certainly get a TICKET!

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    Monarch Park

    May 11th

    A brand new map of a beautiful park in downtown Toronto. Scale is 1:4000, so experts can test their sprint skills, while beginners can learn to orienteer in familiar surroundings

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    High Park

    May 4th

    High Park is an intricate park with lots of interesting features, but you're surrounded by the city, so it's IMPOSSIBLE to get LOST!

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    2022 Weekly Park Series

    Apr 27th - Sep 3rd

    Join us this spring and summer of 2022 for more weekly Orienteering!  Details coming soon.